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The Damosca is the intelligence service of The Caropsyne Pontanore. It is largely regarded as the largest and most sinister intelligence service in Liberalia. The Damosca is now generally administered by elements in the Pontanore Military, and is often alleged to have substantial power over the elected government of Carops, leading to certain foreign policy decisions. The Damosca is often accused of carrying out state terrorism against countries whose foreign policy disagrees with that of the Pontanore. These claims are always denied.

[edit] Claims of Terrorism

Both the governments of Curiaistan and RTI have alleged that Damosca agents have been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks in their countries. These include bombings, shootings and poisonings. These claims appeared to be backed up by the infamous [[Miria Seranoda Speech]] made during her self-imposed exile in Ardalia, in which she claimed that the Dr. Phodric Dormond government had carried out a terrorist foreign policy in the Contra. The Caropsyne Government has continued to deny these claims and vigorously defended the Damosca. Pontanore sources continue to blame RTI for what is known on the Contra as "Operation Greensloth."

[edit] Leadership

In the last few months, the leadership of the Damosca has been wrestled from the government and been supposedly assumed by hardline pro-military elements, to which Dr. Phodric Dormond, Dr. Haldric Maldian, and numerous others have supposed close links. Dormond himself, it is believed, now works for the Damosca. Gen. Pholomir Zarmal, the Damosca Bureau Chief, has taken command of the entire organisation recently, usurping his former superiors.

[edit] Jajiland

The Damosca is accused of major attrocities in Jajiland, where it was sent to put down the JIF rebellion. It is claimed that Damosca "Death Squads" eliminated hundreds of JIF members and supporters, including Chandi Zaka, the movement's deputy leader. Damosca agents ruthlessly dealt with poorly-trained Curian agents attempting to support the rebels, including Roy Wast, whose brutalised body was shown on Pontanore Television, having been mauled by dogs. Damosca involvement in these killings and purges is likely to have occurred.

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